I was trained to follow the Shamanic Journeying process 40 years ago where I tune in to my special place through a meditative state. Before I travel to my special location I ask Archangel Michael to help me clear my chakras. As this is completed, I am in an energetic body, protected with Angelic Diamond White Light and Pink sparkles of love. Then I am whisked to my Journey space. Once there I am met by my Spirit Guides who I envision here on Earth. It is a Native American place, perhaps shared by my ancestors as I’m 25% Chippewa on my Dad’s side of the family. I am greeted by my primary spirit animal, Tiger; along with Eagle, Bear, Bison, my primary Spirit Helper, my Higher Self, and my wand of truth that is placed along my spine. After greeting everyone and thanking them for participating in assisting with my intention to either read for a client or ask questions for insight for myself, I am presented with a hoop that has representatives of all forms of life on this world. I jump through the hoop into the lower world and Sea where I am met by my primary contact there, a Sirian, who greets me. A Blue Avian and Mantis are also there although they are there to witness and project support not engaging with me beyond that. Once mutual awareness has been observed and small discussion is complete, I am led to a white swivel chair where I am totally comfortable. There seems to be a huge screen in front of me or a fantastic area of whiteness. That is when I ask the questions for clients and a movie starts. Sometimes I hear things, sometimes I can ask for clarification and the intensity of the focus is offered, and during it all I am writing everything down in longhand until the input is finalized. I know it’s finalized because everything goes still again. It’s like being in a movie theater. As I write what I am experiencing in longhand I accept even more input, as if the very movements bring in more information. I do this in the white chair for each question asked by clients. While I have achieved the white chair, I can also go in and out of that reality by getting input from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Cards, and the Paladini Tarot Deck using a five card spread. My focus doesn’t leave the intent of listening and recording during the Journey. When all the questions have been answered, I thank each participant offering a request to each about what I can do for them in return because without their guidance and support this work wouldn’t be possible. Each question takes approximately an hour and a half to two hours to complete from beginning meditation to the end of transcription to the client via email. I offer a half hour follow up discussion on Whatsapp to clarify those areas of the reading that aren’t understood.

Clients send me an email: In that email clients send me the questions they want answered (up to 5).
Payment is made ($75 for three questions) using my Paypal email address:
Once payment has been received and the session has been scheduled and communicated, the client receives their report by 7pm on that date.
If there are sensitive time issues involved in the questions, please let me know ahead of time and I will expedite the reading as much as my schedule allows.

The resulting report is broken down into three portions per question:
Angel card: which demonstrates what the Guides are asking the client to consider.
Journey: the process used to reach and receive input directly from my Guides.
Tarot: the more 3rd dimensional information received.


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